How to Find a CFP Where to Put Your Retirement Savings and How to Save for a Home We Answer Your Questions [MTI175}


How to Find a CFP Where to Put Your Retirement Savings and How to Save for a Home We Answer Your Questions [MTI175}

By popular demand, we take your questions and put them on air. Linda P Jones, Miranda Marquit and Joe Saul-Sehy give their takes on questions you sent in.

Jim is an entrepreneur looking to hire a CFP who can also act as a personal CFO. Where should he go to find one?

Miles is great at saving money and investing. He has 401ks, a ROTH IRA, and a few places with cash. How can he maximize his money?

Christian moved in with his parents, has started a new job with good pay, and wants to buy his first home within a year. What is the best way to save for the down payment while managing student loans?

Chevron‘s mentor says to keep a percentage of income as liquid cash and put the remaining in investments. Is there a percentage or ratio one should keep liquid versus being invested?

Jan from Germany is worried about sector rates, regional distribution, and market cap size. Cost averaging isn’t possible because he doesn’t invest in all of the positions regularly, thus creating higher transaction fees. Is it beneficial to neglect cost averaging effects by investing irregularly or is he going to continue paying higher transaction fees?

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Today’s Panelists

Miranda Marquit | HALP!
Linda P. Jones | Be Wealthy and Smart
Joe Saul-Sehy | Money in the Morning


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