7 Best Ways To Provide Financial Education For Kids


7 Best Ways To Provide Financial Education For Kids

We have Debbie Todd back on our show to discuss the 7 best ways to teach financial education to kids. This is one of the biggest problems in this country... adults not having financial acumen... which starts when they are children. Debbie talks about where this comes from, and how to fix it. If you have children, you want to listen to this episode.

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Today's Guest:  Debbie Todd

As the eldest child of a humble, yet proud and dedicated military family, Debbie grew up learning first-hand the value of not having enough, of making your money stretch…as well as understanding how quickly impulsive choices can get you trapped on the never ending cycle of the money madness roller-coaster!  

The first child in her blue-collar family to finish college in her early 30s while raising children of her own, Debbie knows it really is possible to change your circumstances and realize your dreams…one dedicated step and one focused decision at a time.  

With over 20 years as a licensed CPA in public accounting as well as nearly 14 years in public finance in the utility and healthcare sectors, Debbie was running the Treasury Department of a $2 billion a year academic medical center when the 2008 financial meltdown hit. 

While successfully navigating her team through “the Great Recession”, Debbie found an increasing number of families who were simply being devastated financially.  Her heart turned to channeling her money passion to holistically help families learn and grow in their core financial knowledge.

The single most common regret Debbie has heard clients and friends say is that they wished they had learned better money skills themselves so they could teach their kids and grandkids. She also believes that “tomorrow’s philanthropists and world-changers are sitting in booster seats today.”

It is the perfect backdrop for teaching practical, FUN and financially sound money habits.  If you can ENJOY “getting your money smarts hat on” as well, then so much the better, right?  

Imagine how simple and smart money choices can transform you and your child’s ENTIRE life…for 50 to 70 years!  That’s truly peace of mind.  It’s an investment that builds a legacy of hope and impact.  It’s amazing how just a few simple, FUN and effective tools can make this your reality. 

After all, it takes financially healthy families to build financially (and socially) healthy communities, states, countries and, ultimately, a financially (and socially) healthy world

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