Financial Advisor Research Survey – How Do You Want To Communicate With Your Financial Advisor?

Want to know how most financial advisors communicate with their clients?

This recent survey from Sean Brown at Ycharts discusses the current state of communications with clients and their financial advisors. How are you looking to communicate with your advisor?

financial advisor research

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Today's Guest:  Sean Brown

  • Proud father of 2 (13 year old son, Quinn; 11 year-old daughter, Emerson) and husband to Lisa. And their family dog is Lou.

  • Notre Dame & Stanford grad

  • College football and Chicago Cubs fan

  • President and CEO at YCharts (Swiss Army Knife of investment research and client communications)

  • Has been an executive at several startups, private equity backed firms, and public companies. Predominant focus on financial services and software.

  • He’s passionate in his belief that investors should be able to leverage great investment data and tools anywhere, and any time and they should also have access to outstanding human support to ensure their success

Sean's Online Presence:

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  1. Hello Kirk, I was worried about how to communicate with a financial advisor. You have solved my problem and shared such good information about the financial advisor. Thanks for letting us know about this helpful information by such a post. Keep posting!

  2. The claim that personal finance is the most highly related industry struck me as quite amusing. It is an example of that common practice of thinking everyone else’s job is easier than yours. In fact it isn’t even in the top ten. I workef for over three decades in the most highly related industry, oil refining. You have no idea what a truly highly regulated business is like, and I’m glad for you.

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