Essential Investor Mindset Tips for Real Estate Investors Interview with Steven Pesavento


Essential Investor Mindset Tips for Real Estate Investors Interview with Steven Pesavento

Are you looking to invest in real estate? 

Sounds simple right? There are countless real estate courses out there telling you how to start investing in real estate. Then why are there not more real estate investors?

In this episode, we interview Steven Pesavento about the real estate investor mindset. Steven flipped 150 houses in his first two years as a real estate investor, when most real estate investors struggle with one. It takes more than just money to be a successful real estate investor. We discuss the importance of having a solid investor mindset. What it really takes to be successful investing in real estate.

Do you have limiting beliefs?

Have you burned your boats?

Who is your mentor?

The importance of having the right team

Why you are not succeeding yet, and more…

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Today’s Guest, Steven Pesavento:

Steven Pesavento an investor and entrepreneur who has flipped 150 houses within his first two years in the business. Based out of Denver, he manages a team investing out of state in the Southeast and Midwest regions. Host of the Investor Mindset Podcast & Community, which has been skyrocketing up the charts – focused on Mindset, Strategy, and Success. He learned everything he knows by finding great mentors & partners to learn from and modeling their success. 

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Steven’s online presence:

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Twitter: @StevenPesavento

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