Day Trading Stocks for Profit and Financial Freedom Interview with Jason Bond

This former school teacher went from a -$250,000 negative net worth to a net worth of over 50 million dollars by day trading stocks. This week we interview Jason Bond about how he turned his financial life around by day trading stocks and teaching others his secrets.

day trading stocks jason bond

Jason talks about his mentors, his favorite investing styles, what he thinks about penny stocks and more.

  • Are you using Emotional Intelligence or “Emotional Fitness” in your investing?
  • How are fear and greed affecting your investing? Learn how you can control your emotions.
  • Learn about the trade opportunities, “Crashes” and “Rockets” can provide you with
  • How to deal with Risk Management and risk tolerance with your investments.
  • The benefits of investing in small cap stocks
  • Why you need to keep your main job, while you are day trading stocks.
  • What are your rules of trading stocks? If you don’t know, then you should not be investing in stocks.
  • Keep your losses small and let your winners run.
  • The golden secrets of his success: being “open-minded”, being willing to try new things, no sunk-cost mentality, transparency, and more.

Andy Wang, Kirk, and Miranda joins us this week on our panel to discuss the pros and cons of day trading stocks.

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Today’s Guest, Jason Bond:

Jason Bond, founder, and CEO of is a self-made multi-millionaire trader who left the corporate grind to trade professionally. He went from being $250,000 in debt as a teacher with his Master’s Degree to teaching thousands how to make money trading. He’s trained well over 10,000 paid members and is the #1 stock trading stock advisory service on TrustPilot, which is the best member review site in the world. He’s a co-founder of the trading education powerhouse, Raging Bull, and he’s been featured on Forbes, The Street, Huffington Post,, Seeking
Alpha as well as the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

Jason Bond’s online presence:

@JasonBondPicks (Twitter)

Books referenced:

Today’s Panelists

Kirk Chisholm | Innovative Wealth

Andy Wang | Runnymede Capital Investments

Miranda Marquit | Planting Money Seed


  1. John Walker says:

    Hey, I enjoyed listening to the podcast this morning. I’m currently at the public library looking for EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, both the book and for myself 🙂 For some reason I thought you had transcripts of the episodes, but I do not see one. The librarian states there is more than one author of that title; which one should I be looking for? Thank you, john

  2. Appreciated the perspective from Jason in the interview, especially his perspective on debt and also his comments on emotion, certainly helpful for any investor. Thought the comments on swing trading following the interview were thoughtful but missed commenting on the ethics of this type of trading. The question for aspiring traders needs to go beyond “will this make me money?” and needs, I think, to focus on what am I contributing to the market and specifically to the companies I invest in (in some small way). (I would make the same criticisms to the mothers and wives who make a business out of playing the coupon/rebates game, or the ebay scalper.) Hopefully, our goal at retirement is more than accumulating a million bucks. I would hope that as I start to cash in my stocks at retirement, that I leave with a little bit of sadness, having ended a 10-30 year partnership in some cases, yet recognizing that at some point I have to turn the stock I own in these companies over to the next generation of investors. To me, that seems like a much more ethical and meaningful approach to investing, one that you can pass on to your kids in good conscience.

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