Real Stories: Currency Trading 101 with Rob Booker


Real Stories: Currency Trading 101 with Rob Booker

Real Stories of real investors: Currency Trading

This week we interview Rob Booker about trading currencies, stocks, FOREX, futures and his successes and failures doing so. We discuss the use of leverage, carry trades, currency pairs, managing risk, and some of his favorite books to get up to speed.

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Today's Guest:  Rob Booker

In 2000, Rob was in-debt and desperate for a drastic change. Since his time in law school, Rob always had an interest in the financial market and saw trading currency as a quick fix to his money problems, but that was the farthest thing from the truth. With Rob working a full time job during the day and studying the market at night, it took a toll on his personal life and 11 months for him to become profitable and it was another 4 years until he was able to become a trader full time.

By 2006, he was making well over 1 million per year until the financial crisis in 2010 and he had to start over...again. This time instead of trading currency, he began to trade stocks and rebuilt from scratch. Now, Rob is a trainer for Financial Wars, a new website dedicated to teaching everyday people about the battles that are being fought over their money behind closed doors. The Financial Wars team is dedicated to equipping readers not just with knowledge, but with the tools and strategies they need to thrive in the financial war.

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