MTI040: Your Letters – Quarterly Earnings, College Degrees and More

Today we empty the mailbag, answering your letters about quarterly earnings, bonds, college degrees and more. Have a question for the show? Write us at contact (at) moneytreepodcast (dot) com.

MTI039: Commodities for the Individual Investor

Commodities always seem like the sophisticated advanced investing thing to do.  However, is it really an area that the individual investor should be investing in?  This week we look at what commodity investing is and if you should try and invest in them.

We talk with David Stein from Money for the Rest of Us about what what commodities are, how they benefit your investment portfolio and if you should be in them as an individual investor.

During the roundtable discussion, we’ll talk about what commodities we have in our portfolios, if gold is a good investment, ways to deal with inflation and our take on if you should be invested in commodities.

Topics covered include:

  • What is considered a commodity.
  • What ways you can invest in commodities as an individual.
  • What the risks of commodities are.
  • The benefits of commodities.
  • Should the individual investor be in commodities, and if so which ones are the best to invest in.


Today’s Panelists

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MTI038: Investing in P2P Loans with Simon Cunningham

P2P loans offer an interesting investing opportunity. There is the potential for diversification and reasonably good returns.

We talk with Simon Cunningham from about what types of P2P loans are ideal for investing, as well as what to look for when adding these assets to your portfolio.

During the roundtable discussion, we’ll talk about the future of investing in P2P loans, including an interesting trend toward P2P loan derivatives. Learn the ins and outs — and decide of P2P loans fit into your investing plan.

Topics covered include:

  • What is P2P lending?
  • Which P2P loans are considered investments?
  • Where can you go to invest in P2P loans, and what are your options?
  • Pros and cons of investing in P2P loans.
  • A look at P2P loan derivatives and the future of P2P loans as investments.


Today’s Panelists

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MTI037: The World’s Deleveraging Situation with Preston Pysh

Today’s discussion centers on the global economic system and its inner workings. If you’ve ever wanted to know how market forces impact each other and influence the economy as a whole, this is the episode to tune in to. This episode will give you a greater understanding of the powerful effects behind deflation, inflation, and government debt.

Topics covered include:

  • Leveraging and deleveraging history in the United States
  • Credit situation spanning the entire global economy
  • Comparisons to past bubbles like tech and real estate
  • How to prepare for a major deleveraging cycle
  • Resources

  • Economic Principles
  • Warren Buffett forum
  • For recession-proof stock pick (uniforms):
    –Andrew’s newsletter

    Today’s Panelists

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    MTI036: Broken Eggs Film – The Looming Retirement Crisis with Andrew Meadows

    Co-producer Andrew Meadows from the new documentary Broken Eggs – The Looming Retirement Crisis, joins us this week to tackle America’s “three legged stool” (investing, pensions and social security). He exposes the flaws in each “leg” and we discuss potential solutions.

    Our roundtable…against all odds….discusses the ways we all are attacking the retirement problem, and discuss all three pieces of the “stool” separately. Although Miranda had child issues and we didn’t know Andrew’s mic was over modulating….it’s still an entertaining and fun discussion about a serious topic….retirement planning.

    Check out Broken Eggs Film here.

    Topics Discussed

    – Social Security

    – Pensions

    – Opt in vs. Opt out retirement plans

    – The new MyRA

    – Home as investment


    Our Discussion Panel

    Andrew Sather – eInvestingForBeginners

    Andrea Travillian – TakeASmartStep

    Miranda Marquit – PlantingMoneySeeds

    Joe Saul-Sehy – Stacking Benjamins

    MTI035: Q&A Listener Questions What to Do With Lump Sums

    Today is our inaugural questions and answers episode.  We take three questions from readers and answer them in great detail.

    The questions were:

    1. How would you go about investing a large windfall of money such as a million dollars, assuming you were young and had a steady income already.  We go over market timing, how long to wait before investing and how much cash is too much to have on hand.

    2.  When saving for a house purchase in three to five years, where would you save that money.  Plus what are your thoughts on putting twenty percent down on the house.  There is some debate, but great conversation and answers.

    3. As a Canadian investor, what are the top three significant factors that will impact gains when buying/selling outside of Canada.  We go into exchange rate, taxes, knowing the market and the possibility of bad records due to lax accounting laws.

    If you have questions for a future episode, please visit our contact page and send us your questions.

    Thank you for listening to the show!

    Today’s Panelists

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    MTI034: Trend Following with Niels Kaastrup-Larsen

    Today we talk about an investing strategy called Trend Following.  Our guest Niels Kaastrup-Larsen guides us through what a beginner needs to know about investing using trend following as your strategy.


    Topics Covered

    • What is trend following and how you use it to make money in the markets.
    • How trend following is different from technical analysis, and how it is the same.
    • What assets can you use trend following with.
    • How do you determine your trend measures so you can know when to take profits and when to cut your losses.
    • What tools to use to track your trades.
    • Resources to get you started.
    • Divergent vs convergent risk.


    Following the Trend by Andreas Clenow

    Top Traders Unplugged

    Today’s Panelists

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    MTI033: Investing Priorities with Carl Richards

    How do you set your investing priorities? This week’s guest is Carl Richards, the best-selling author of The Behavior Gap, joins us to talk about some of the concepts in his new book, The One-Page Financial Plan, and how they relate to investing.

    Afterward, the panelists discuss some of their own strategies for creating investing priorities, and talk about some of the ideas in the Carl Richards book that weren’t mentioned during the main interview.

    Topics Covered

    Why you need to get clear on your financial priorities before you determine an investing plan.

    The difference between systemic and unsystemic risk.

    How to tell when you’ve stopped investing and are now speculating.


    The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

    The One-Page Financial Plan by Carl Richards

    Today’s Panelists

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    MTI032: Growth Traps and Global Strategies with Sean Emory

    Today’s episode takes a deep dive look into the world of small cap growth, and discusses some of the dangers of investing in that space. We also get perspective on global allocation strategies, with a few simple analysis methods shared that can be used across the world.

    Topics covered include:

    • Problems with growth investing and the dangers of growth traps
    • Successful technical analysis for entry and exit points
    • Global allocation strategies and how to invest internationally
    • The secrets of success to growing assets under management (AUM) to $1.3 billion



    Today’s Panelists

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    MTI031: Avoiding the Value Trap with Andrew Sather

    Andrew Sather (our esteemed co-host AND the mind behind eInvestingForBeginners) has written a new book called the Value Trap Indicator. We’ll discuss strategies and specific examples from the book on how you can avoid investing traps.

    What is a value trap? Have you ever felt like a stock was a great buy ONLY to find out that the “super low price” you thought you were getting only could go lower? Or have you invested, hoping a stock would go up, only to see it flounder? Andrew has found seven criteria that you can use to weight the odds into your favor when picking investments….and when deciding whether to keep a stock in your portfolio or dump the position before it goes even more against you.

    Find Andrew’s book here: The Value Trap Indicator